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Gathering of GPN

Gathering of GPN

It is the wish and request of Dante Pasia, organizer and Convenor of the GPN that EICs of school (students') publications attend and participate in the following meetings:

A. Consultative Meetings at the Press Freedom News and Library [also the Philippine Press Institute (PPI) Office], Room 312, Banco Filipino Condominium Building, A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros [after the Immigration office and before the Manila Cathedral], every Friday at 2pm-4pm.

This Library is the only one of its kind in the country as it is to serve the journalist to be free and be a fighter for human rights with the pen as his/her sword. Mightier! Editors-in-Chiefs should encourage the school paper staff to visit the PPI Library and Office.

B. Kapihan Para sa Kalikasan

On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day in 2007 (every February 2) this Convenor started the Monthly Kapihan Para sa Kalikasan. The concept of "Skies and Seas, Keep Them Blue" and "Integrating our Efforts of Saving Laguna and Manila Bays to include the river systems in Metro Manila" were the major objectives. The schedules for the City of Manila and Quezon city shall be the last Thursday and the last Saturday of the month respectively. Please contact this convenor for the up and coming details such as themes and venues and time of such Kapihan.

C. Meeting of GPN

Date/Time: Every Saturday, 2pm-4pm
Venue: Cafe Aroma (inside Quezon Memorial Circle, near AANI Herbs and Garden Area, QC
RSVP: please cal convenor Dan Pasia (02)3140338, 0922-2498823

D. Visit and assist in the improvement of the GPN's Library and Office at the U-Belt, 962 Tolentino St. (former Cataluña St.), Sampaloc, Manila. This place will be the depository of GPN's issues. Anyone of the staff can come and do voluntary work every Saturday, 5pm-7pm, in archiving green write-ups and students print advocacies to make our country clean and green via the power of the pen - mightier than the sword. The sword is known as the ancients' weapon of war. it is vital and necessary for green pens to have a library of their own, a center for press freedom and green journalism.

Dante Pasia
962 Tolentino St. (former Cataluña St.),
Sampaloc, Manila, 1008
tel. 02-314-0338
mobile nos. 0922-249-8823, 0909-921-8913, 0905-871-5186
email: pasiadante@yahoo.com

Campus Editors' Green Covenant


On the Occasion of the International Days for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (September 16), World Clean-Up (September 17) and Peace (September 21) in 2005

Unifying the Young for Cleaner and Drug-Free Cities and Communities

WHEREAS, the Philippines supported and signed the Montreal Protocol on the substances that deplete the Ozone layer in 1987;

WHEREAS, our Country was a founding member of the United Nations in 1945 and therefore will support all resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations;

WHEREAS, the General Assembly of the United Nations having approved Resolution #49/114 in 1994 declaring every September 16 as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. And that Member-states are invited and encouraged to devote the Day to promote activities and dissemination of knowledge and information in accordance with the objectives of the Protocol and its amendments;

WHEREAS, the UN General Assembly in 1981 declared that the opening day of its regular session in September "shall be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among nations and people" and be called the International Day of Peace (Resolution # 36/67); Ang in 1998 the GA reaffirmed that the Day should continue to be observed on the Opening Day of its annual regular session (Resolution # 52/232);

WHEREAS, twenty two of our peers, young volunteers, student leaders and journalists, signed the GREEN COVENANT on the Occasion of the International Youth Day (IYD) 2005 (August 12) in the Forest Park of Arroceros in Manila inspite of the increment weather conditions and certain limitations and impositions on their rights of access in to public parks set by certain Manila City officials; And that we, Campus Editors of School Publications in the Metro Manila declare our agreement in full to the provisions and activities set therein;

NOW THEREFORE, We, Campus Editors and Journalists, affix our signatures in full agreement and to answer the call of Convenor Dan Pasia and the 22 peers and partners who signed the Green Covenant on August 12, 2005 on the Occasion of the International Youth Day (IYD) commit to do the following "green" tasks:

1) implement the provisions and activities cited and agreed upon in the Green Covenant of the IYD 2005;

2) promote and disseminate information on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (IDPOL) (September 16), Clean Up the World (September 17, and of Peace (IDP) (September 21);

3) invite and encourage other Campus Editors and Journalists to join us in the formation and organization of the GREENPAGE NERWORK from Aparri to Zamboanga; and

4) sustain and maintain the GREEN PAGE in our school publications with the major objective of spreading the good news about LOVE AND CARE FOR MOTHER NATURE.

Signed in the 16rg day of September in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Five (2005).


Girard Merano - Magdalo publication (EAC)
Atlas M. Amante - The Independent Sentinel (Lyceum of the Philippines)
Mike C. Vergara _ The Featinian (FEATI University)
Cesar Dumlao - The Lance (Letran-Manila)
Angelito T. yutuc Jr - The New Builder (Mapua)
Froilan Vincent Bersamina - Weekly Dawn (UE-Manila)
Jose Tagilo campos - EAC
Billy Ramboo Z. Belen - EAC - Central Student Council
Simon P. Sanay - EAC Coomunity Extension Program
Rosemarie C. Bulaag - EAC
Corazon M. Garcia - Magdalo publication (EAC)
Dante P. Pasia - convenor (GPN)

Green Covenant that created GPN


WHEREAS, the United Nation's Theme for the Period June 5, 2005 to June 4, 2006 is "Green Cities; Plan for the Planet" to cover the UN Environment programmes (UNEP);

WHEREAS, We, the young, answering the call of the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, "To create 'Green Cities' where people can raise their children in a well-planned, clean and healthy environment", will unite ourselves to make cities and communities cleaner, greener and drug-free;

WHEREAS, on this occasion of the International Youth Day (IYD), August 12, 2005, we declare our full commitment and agreement to Love and Care For Mother Nature; to stop illicit drug trafficking and to make our cities and communities Drug-Abuse Free;

NOW THEREFORE, We affix our signature voluntarily and in full agreement to commit and do the following:

1) to plant (at least) ten trees during the period;

2) to keep clean (and green) our areas of concern and urge others to do the same;

3) to organize ourselves and establish groups to stop and prevent drug-abuse and illicit and dangerous drugs trafficking; and

4) to establish partnerships with other groups to sustain an information, educational and communications (IEC) and action-oriented campaigns to achieve the two major objectives of this covenant, namely:

(a) a cleaner and greener cities and communities; and
(b) stop and prevent drug-abuse and trafficking of dangerous and illicit drugs.

Signed by the following:
1. Wendy Guzman - Magdalo publication (EAC)
2. Wilma Varona - Magdalo publication (EAC)
3. John Carlos M. Yapchapco - Magdalo publication (EAC)
4. Precious Marian Calvario - Magdalo publication (EAC)
5. Girard Merano - Magdalo publication (EAC)
6. Norman Belbes - The AdU Chronicle (Adamson U)
7. Apolinario G, Mapaapres - The AdU Chronicle (Adamson U)
8. Renaleen S.D. Yonzon - Mla. Standard Today
9. Alvin C. Arcega - Mla. Standard Today
10. Shirly M. Odoño - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
11. Ma. Chris S. Delos Trinos - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
12. Faye Antonitte L. Obacan - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
13. Arlene F. Dumaplin - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
14. Marie Ivory M. Nobleza - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
15. Jefferson O. Zamora - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
16. Raquel M. Dejito - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
17. Stefany J. Paraguas - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
18. Jessa S. Rodrigo - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
19. Herbert T. Villano - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
20. Ferdinance P Badillo - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
21. Nemuel P. Mendoza - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists
22. Janice M. Ching - TUP Mla Guild of Responsible Environmentalists


Dan Pasia
Convenor, Green Covenant

PSI Emerito V. Estrada

August 12, 2005
Forest Park
Arroceros, Manila